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How to sign up or create an account adfly

Of course you often find adfly sites on the internet. Especially for sites that provide the Links download on its website.

It is the main reason why I think using adfly in this blog is because blog visitors (even my own) basically merely came, skimming and then go looking for information from other blogs. and so equally in profitable, why do not we make any adfly account, so that we can earn money from blog visitors coming?
i think the visitors will not be harmed? right?

Adf Ly
Adf Ly is one of the usual way by the blogger to earn income from activities and its willingness to provide information on the Internet. So basically, visitors Blog and Blog owners alike equally benefited. Blog visitors received information from the owner of the blog to share, and blog owners earn money from blog visitors.

How it works Adf Ly basically just shorten URLs that we share. So that when a visitor clicks on a particular link, visitors will be taken first to the site Adf Ly, before finally brought to the destination site. Well, actually this is where our income, adfly pay us because we brought them the visitors.

Although arguably income, actual income earned is small, namely only about 0,000X dollars (or about two to four dollars - before the redenomination of currency) for each URL that visitors click. very few indeed. So this is only suitable in use as a side job, if you want to generate revenue from blogging activity. But from the little that, after a long time will be a hill.

If you need a picture related to the size of income adfly, you can open a list of income adfly article first months. There you will see how little income from adfly. But make no mistake, because if you can use adfly well, you could earn a greater income. Maybe you could take a lesson from successful sites with adfly as ganool.com that could generate millions of dollars per month just to shorten URLs. Income Ganool.com site

Create an Account Adf Ly
For friends who are interested in Creating an Account Adf Ly, this section will be introduced tutorial:
First of all go to adf.ly site, please click HERE.
Click Join Now.
Fill the data username, email, password until Chapta code which is provided. Do not forget to check I Agree to the Terms and Conditions, and then click Join..

Cara mendaftar di adfly
Then go to your email account for a verification.
And Your Account Created Done.
Try to Log In Using Adf Ly your account.
Starting was then multiply your URL shortening, and distribute its links so that a greater opportunity for Di Click.

Persingkat URL dengan Adfly
We also have to fill in the Personal Data adf account, about which we use paypal. But if we do not have it, we can also fill it later, when we have a lot of accumulated dollars.

Accepting Payments
Adf Ly, would pay us through an online account that we have (paypal account) every one to three at the beginning of the month. Online accounts, especially paypal can be associated with a local bank account that we have in our country. Because this time, paypal greatly facilitate the withdrawal of money from his account. We can withdraw funds from a PayPal account to a local account even though we are still at the nonverivikasi account (because it has no credit cards).

To create an online account, ideally we need to use a credit card. But we are still allowed to make and use the online account even without a credit card. Read one of the articles that have been very good neighbors explaining manufacture paypal account without a credit card in making a Paypal Account Without a Credit Card. Due to a long Spelled in collecting dollars using adf ly .. lets Start join and shorten URLs from now .. !!!

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